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Skip staged rollout queues and update your OnePlus device ASAP!

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An open-source app supported by ads & donations. Ads can be removed by purchasing the ad-free unlock in the app's settings. This is a third-party app, not an official OnePlus application.

Be the first to update your OnePlus device

OnePlus, like all other OEMs, rolls out OTA updates in a staged manner. This means you might have to wait a long time before you receive the update. That's where this app comes in — it downloads only official updates directly from OnePlus/Google servers, and even verifies the integrity of the downloaded ZIP (using MD5 checksums) before allowing you to install. By doing so, Oxygen Updater lets you skip the rollout queue and install official updates at your convenience.

Note: the app supports all OnePlus devices that aren't carrier-branded (e.g. T-Mobile & Verizon). Those devices can't be supported until you convert to unlocked firmware (this process is also called rebranding), because they lack the “Local upgrade” option, which is necessary to be able to update manually.

Supported devices (114 in total)

OnePlus Nord 4OnePlus Nord 4EU • India • GLO/ROW
OnePlus Nord CE 4 LiteOnePlus Nord CE 4 LiteIndia • EU • GLO/ROW
OnePlus Pad GoOnePlus Pad GoEU • India
OnePlus Nord CE 4OnePlus Nord CE 4India
OnePlus 12ROnePlus 12REU • GLO/ROW • India • NA
OnePlus Nord N30 SEOnePlus Nord N30 SEGLO/ROW
OnePlus 12OnePlus 12EU • GLO/ROW • India • NA
OnePlus OpenOnePlus OpenEU • India • NA
OnePlus Nord CE 3OnePlus Nord CE 3India
OnePlus Nord 3OnePlus Nord 3EU • GLO/ROW • India
OnePlus Nord N30OnePlus Nord N30NA
OnePlus Nord CE 3 LiteOnePlus Nord CE 3 LiteEU • GLO/ROW • India
OnePlus 11OnePlus 11EU • GLO/ROW • India • NA
OnePlus 11ROnePlus 11RIndia
OnePlus PadOnePlus PadEU • GLO/ROW • India • NA
OnePlus 10TOnePlus 10TNA • EU • GLO/ROW • India
OnePlus Nord N20 SEOnePlus Nord N20 SEGLO/ROW
OnePlus Nord 2TOnePlus Nord 2TIndia • EU • GLO/ROW
OnePlus Nord CE 2 LiteOnePlus Nord CE 2 LiteEU • GLO/ROW • India
OnePlus 10R 150WOnePlus 10R 150WIndia
OnePlus 10R 80WOnePlus 10R 80WIndia
OnePlus Nord N20OnePlus Nord N20NA
OnePlus 10 ProOnePlus 10 ProEU • GLO/ROW • India • NA
OnePlus Nord CE 2OnePlus Nord CE 2EU • India
OnePlus 9RTOnePlus 9RTIndia
OnePlus Nord 2OnePlus Nord 2EU • India
OnePlus Nord N200OnePlus Nord N200NA
OnePlus Nord CEOnePlus Nord CEEU • India • NA
OnePlus 9ROnePlus 9RIndia
OnePlus 9OnePlus 9EU • India • NA
OnePlus 9 ProOnePlus 9 ProEU • India • NA
OnePlus Nord N10OnePlus Nord N10EU • NA • Telcel
OnePlus Nord N100OnePlus Nord N100EU • NA • Telcel
OnePlus 8TOnePlus 8TEU • India • NA
OnePlus NordOnePlus NordEU • GLO/ROW • India
OnePlus 8OnePlus 8EU • India • NA
OnePlus 8OnePlus 8Visible USA
OnePlus 8 ProOnePlus 8 ProEU • India • NA
OnePlus 7TOnePlus 7TGlobal • EU • India
OnePlus 7T ProOnePlus 7T ProGlobal • EU • India
OnePlus 7OnePlus 7Global • EU • India
OnePlus 7 ProOnePlus 7 ProGlobal • EU • India
OnePlus 7 Pro 5GOnePlus 7 Pro 5GEU
OnePlus 6TOnePlus 6T
OnePlus 6OnePlus 6
OnePlus 5TOnePlus 5T
OnePlus 5OnePlus 5
OnePlus 3TOnePlus 3T
OnePlus 3OnePlus 3
OnePlus XOnePlus X
OnePlus 2OnePlus 2
OnePlus OneOnePlus One

View update information

If there's a new update available, the app shows you the changelog right on the main screen (which can be handy if you'd like to know what's new in the update), as well as the filename and MD5 checksum for full transparency.

If you're already up-to-date, the app displays important information about that latest update:

  • Android & OxygenOS version
  • OTA version
  • Incremental OS version
  • Security patch date

Note: you can view the changelog even if you're already on the latest version, in case you forgot what that update brought you.


Built-in download manager

The app has a robust download mechanism, and it always downloads official updates directly from OnePlus/Google servers. Assuming you have a sufficiently fast & stable internet connection, high speeds are almost always a guarantee.

The app automatically reports download failures to our team members, so that we can investigate & fix things if possible.

Note: since the app always downloads directly from OnePlus/Google OTA servers, most of the time such failures are due to an unstable network connection on your end, or if you use a VPN (their servers block some VPNs).


MD5 Verification

After the download task successfully completes, the app automatically starts a verification task so that it can establish the downloaded file's integrity. Verifying the MD5 checksum protects against corruption or tampering.

If verification fails for any reason, the app auto-deletes the file to safeguard you & your device. A direct download link is shown so that you can try downloading the file via the browser and verify things yourself.

Note: since we employ rigorous validation checks behind-the-scenes, MD5 verification should never fail. In case it does, it's highly likely that it's just human error, and you should report this to us so we can investigate.


Detailed install guides

The installation process is handled by the system itself, and is fairly straightforward. If you're new to this or find yourself getting stuck somewhere, don't worry — the app shows a step-by-step installation guide after the download & verification tasks successfully complete.

We try and keep the guides up-to-date, but if you ever spot an opportunity for improvement, don't hesistate to let us know (either via email or on our Discord server).


Stay informed

All our team members are well-versed in all things tech, and we write regular news articles as well. The usual topics are related to OnePlus, their devices/policies, OxygenOS & new OTA updates, and sometimes we post updates about our project too.

We highly recommend reading through our articles, especially those about a new OTA update. There's often important information in those articles that all our users should be aware of.

Note: notifications for articles can be controlled within the app itself, as well as in Android's global notification settings screen.


Check device information

The app lets you easily check important software & hardware information:

  • Device name (along with region, if any)
  • Model number
  • RAM configuration
  • SoC & frequency (as reported by the system)
  • Android & OxygenOS version
  • Security patch date

Note: most software information is also shown on the main screen if you're already up-to-date.


Built-in themes

Light & Dark themes, which are meticulously designed for the best possible experience (e.g. proper contrast ratios adhering to WCAG 2.0, no AMOLED black smear, etc).

There's also an option to use the System's dark mode configuration if available (default), as well as an Auto theme: switches between light/dark based on time of day (to prevent eye strain at night), or based on battery percentage (dark themes generally help reduce battery usage).

Moreover, integrating with Material You/Monet on Android 12+ allows adapting the entire app — even the icon — to your device wallpaper, giving a homogenous feel with the rest of the system.