Welcome to the new Oxygen Updater app!

See what's new in version 2.0.0!
Arjan Vlek

Oxygen Updater has been upgraded! Oxygen Updater 2.0.0 adds major new features. These include the News section you are curently viewing, and automatic installation of updates on rooted devices.

News section

See what's happening in the world of OnePlus and OxygenOS. Read important announcements as well as additional information about OxygenOS updates that are being released.

Automatic update installation

Owners of a rooted OnePlus device can install Oxygen OS updates with just a few taps. The app automatically detects if you have root access, and offers you a few options to customize the install. No root access or don't want to use this awesome feature? No problem. You can still read the install guide and install the update yourself.

You can change the following options before starting the installation:

- The system can make a backup of your current OxygenOS version

- You can (re)install a root package to keep your device rooted*

- The system can wipe the cache partition to prevent bugs from installing the update


Bug fixes

Some of the bugs found in version 1.2.3 are now fixed. The app should be more stable when on a spotty connection.


I hope you enjoy the new app update. If something is broken, please leave a comment with your issue at the Google play store.

Arjan Vlek

Developer of Oxygen Updater


* You'll need to download an appropriate root package yourself as it cannot be distributed with the app due to legal reasons.