OnePlus introduced a new feedback platform: IDEAS

Currently in beta testing until April 30, 2020

Even though OnePlus already has a feedback platform where you can submit suggestions and bugs (and even vote/comment on them), they've now introduced IDEAS - which adds a few noteworthy features.

It is available at In order to participate on this platform, you need to login to your OnePlus Community account. If you don't have one, you will have to create it. Submission process will run from today (March 5 2020) to April 30 2020, with a review and selection process being carried out every two weeks and separated into four rounds.

The top 5 ideas of each round will be selected and ranked based on the total number of likes. Users whose ideas have been adopted by OnePlus, as well as users who submitted the 5 most liked ideas will be eligible for awards.

If your idea is adopted by OnePlus, it will be implemented by their Research & Development team. This will qualify you to receive a VIP ticket to an upcoming OnePlus event, which includes a round trip with a one-night accommodation.

If your idea is among the 5 most liked ideas, you'll receive 1000 Community credits, a customized Community badge, and a pair of OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2.

Note: At the moment, only ideas related to software are accepted, and English must be used during the submission process. Requests of software updates will be disregarded as well.

If you have some ideas, hop on that link and submit them - this will help improve OxygenOS for everyone. Who knows, you might be able to win those attractive awards :)

Source: OnePlus
Icon credit: OnePlus