OnePlus announced Open Beta 2

Again, OnePlus made a mistake with the roll-out. Tap here to know more

Update 2020/03/25 14:04 GMT: OnePlus has added OB2 ZIPs for EU on the support website, but they've done it correctly only for the 7T. The 7T Pro, on the other hand, has incorrect ZIPs - global website has the EU ZIP, while the EU website has global ZIPs.

Not sure why OnePlus is making so many mistakes. It's very frustrating for developers and consumers alike. Here's proof:

7T Pro's EU website (FR = France) has the global ZIP


7T Pro's global website has the EU ZIP

Once again, using OU is safer than relying on OnePlus to provide update ZIPs. Let's hope they don't repeat these mistakes again.

Meanwhile, 7T ZIPs are correct on the respective support websites:

Update 2020/03/20 23:44 GMT: Added screenshots for proof

Around 1 week ago, we wrote about the fact that OnePlus announced (see our news article: "
First Open Beta for 7T-series is out, but there's a catch") the first Open Beta for the 7T and 7T Pro. With this first release, they introduced region-based releases, which means there's a build for Indian, European and global variants. We also discovered back then that OnePlus was linking to the wrong update. Now, they introduced Open Beta 2, but unfortunately it seems they've made a mistake again, but this time with the roll-out of the Open Beta 2 update. Read further to get to know more details.

In about a week time, OnePlus worked on Open Beta 2 for the 7T and 7T Pro. Today they made a post, including the usual changelog and some heads-up about how to upgrade and how to revert back to stable, etc.


  • System
    • Fixed the frame rate issue to improve screen recording experience
    • Updated Android Security patch to 2020.03
    • Fixed the random switch to Gboard while using SwiftKey or a 3rd party keyboard
    • Optimized the adaptive brightness feature
  • Instant Translation
    • Added Instant translation feature, Provides real-time subtitles during video calls, supports 5 languages (English, French, German, Hindi, and Chinese)


Bug-fixes are always welcome as they add something to the stability of the system and thus also the overall experience. Instant Translation is, as you can read, a feature to real-time translate subtitles during a video call. OnePlus has promised this feature since October (7T launch).

The irony of this post is that they announce bug-fixes, but at the same time made a big mistake with the roll-out. Where they, with Open Beta 1, swapped Indian, European and global builds, they now swapped both global and European. Which means in the end that users with a European version of the 7T (Pro) will now receive global builds instead of European.
Notice the exact same APKs as on global OB1.
Notice lack of value in build.prop in opproduct.img

But don't worry, we got your back and know how important it is to be accurate and minimize the amount of mistakes that can be made. That's why we use several ways of (automatic and manual) checking when adding updates, so that the probability for you gets minimized.

This also means that if you use Oxygen Updater, you don't have to worry that you will get the wrong version of Open Beta 2, as we added the correct updates to the app. So, in the end, for you this means: just update to Open Beta 2 via our app as you're used to and you'll be fine. However, it wouldn't break anything if you install another version, but you may miss some features (or not, if you run European builds, as they have less features in overall).

NOTE: Only global ZIP is available (which OnePlus rolled out to EU, probably by mistake). It is possible that they merged EU and global this time, but most likely that isn't true - they just made a mistake. We'll send a notification again when we have new info.