Comparison of Oxygen Updater v4.0.0 and v2.7.6

Watch this video by Arjan Vlek, the previous developer of Oxygen Updater, comparing v2.7.6 and v4.0.0
Adhiraj S. Chauhan

This app was originally developed by Arjan Vlek as a follow-up of another one of his apps, called Cyanogen Update Tracker (it provides similar functionality for Cyanogen OS users).

After 4 years, in July 2019, Arjan decided to step down from both projects and transferred ownership of the app to a team of developers hailing from different countries. They took on the responsibility of providing the community with excellent service & support of getting OnePlus updates faster. We covered this in a previous news article last year.

v2.7.6 was the last version he released, after which he transferred ownership to the new team. v3.0.0 was the first release under new ownership, on 14th August 2019. The most important feature in that release was the introduction of a dark theme, and a redesigned settings screen.

We released v4.0.0 on 10th April, 2020. Watch this video on Arjan Vlek's YouTube channel, where he compares his last version of the app (v2.7.6) with the v4.0.0 release, under new ownership:

He loves the changes overall, but he makes note of a few bugs, or things he doesn't like. I'm glad he made this video outlining changes, as it's always good to look back at your legacy.

We've already released v4.0.1 of the app on 11th April, 2020 (which fixed some bugs and brought new translations), and we're working on fixing several issues identified by a few of our users. Stay tuned for that!

After watching his video, if you have any suggestions/feedback, do reach out to us on our official Discord server, or email us at [email protected].