Earn a prize in the OnePlus raffles

Contribute to the forums and win that brand new OnePlus 5*
Arjan Vlek

Did you know that you could win prizes if you contribute to the OnePlus community? 

Well, by now you do!

Located on the OnePlus community (forums), the Raffles section offers you a chance to win various prizes - from chargers and backpacks to brand new phones!

How does it work?

For all forum contributions, contest you've won and events you have attended, you'll receive tickets. These tickets can be used to enter a raffle. Each ticket gives you a chance to win the prize. If you posess multiple tickets, you can even combine them to have a higher chance to win!

Each raffle has a countdown timer. Once its timer hits zero, the winner is randomly drawn from all submissions. If you've won, OnePlus will contact you and allows you to claim your prize.

New raffles start almost every week. So if you don't like the current prize lineup, just wait a week and check again.

Is there a catch?

As far as I know, there's no catch to participate. You'll never have to pay for tickets, but if you ain't got them, you can't win. 

Have I won myself?

Nope. I did not win a prize yet. But you'll never know if I'll win in the future :-) 

* That OnePlus 5 must be in the lottery this week in order to win it!

Image credit: feelathomeinthehague.com