OnePlus announces IDEAS 2.0: an improved co-creation platform

Will be active from 28th September till 6th November, 2020
Adhiraj S. Chauhan

We wrote about IDEAS 1.0 in March, which you can read to see what's different in 2.0. After a brief beta test for IDEAS 2.0, it is now out of beta and accessible by everyone!

It is available at In order to participate on this platform, you need to login to your OnePlus Community account (or sign-up here if you don't have one yet). Submission process will run from today (28th September 2020) to 6th November 2020, with a review and selection process being carried out every two weeks and separated into four rounds.

The top 7 ideas of each round will be selected and ranked based on the total number of likes. All users are eligible for awards:

  • All submitters win 3 XP (up to 9 XP per day)
  • Top 7 from each round will also be rewarded with 50 XP and exclusive community medals (for those with active forum accounts only)
  • Users whose ideas have been adopted will get a VIP ticket to a OnePlus offline event, and round trip with a one-night accommodation


  • Sharing your idea
    • Ideas must be posted in English, and follow the OnePlus Community T&C
    • Only 1 idea request per submission is allowed
    • Ideas related to software updates aren't allowed. You should check OxygenOS FAQ instead.
    • Ideas that violate the above rules will be deleted
    • OnePlus may also close duplicate ideas and provide a link to the original submission
  • Casting your vote
    • You cannot vote for your own ideas
    • Once you submit your reasons on why you like/dislike an idea, you cannot cancel your vote

Adopted ideas will be announced by 16th November, 2020. If your idea is adopted by OnePlus, it will be implemented by their Research & Development team. If you have some ideas, hop on that link and submit them - this will help improve OxygenOS for everyone. Good luck!

Source: OnePlus, Icon credit: OnePlus