OnePlus just announced a "User Festival"

Will be active from December 1 until December 22
Adhiraj S. Chauhan

According to Google & Wikipedia, OnePlus was founded on 16th December 2013, but this forum post by David Monteiro (Community Consultant) claims it's on 17th December instead (7-year anniversary). Exact dates aside, this is a OnePlus Forums-only festival, where you can gain points by either using the Community app, or checking in on Here's what the event schedule looks like:

In case the image doesn't load for you, here's a quick recap:

  • 5 times more XP (experience points) by being active daily
  • Sneak-peak into community awards and a new product (Nord 2/SE? Smartwatch? Something smaller and less significant than that?)
  • Gain raffle points which can be redeemed for prizes on 23rd December 2021

Rules & Conditions

We recommend checking the source forum post for more information. The following rules have been copied verbatim:

  • The OnePlus User Festival has four kinds of Raffle Point (RP) acquisition channels:
    • By replying in the event thread to participate lucky draw (coming soon)
    • By daily check-in and daily posting in OnePlus community forum website or OnePlus community mobile application during the OnePlus User Festival event period.
    • By participating in the RP lucky draw event (coming soon)
    • By participating in the OnePlus community carnival games (coming soon)
  • The Raffle Points (RP) that users win will be delivered to the user’s account on every Tuesday during the OnePlus User Festival (2020.12.1-12.23):
    • 2020-12-08
    • 2020-12-15
    • 2020-12-22
  • To check the RP and XP amount, please refer to OnePlus Community Forum Website and enter your personal main page.
  • The prize redeem stage will start on December 23, 2020, the redeem channel is the raffle page on OnePlus community forum raffle page. There are limited availability supplies the prizes of the OnePlus User Festival.
  • All the prizes will be sent after December 25, 2020, specific delivery time will be different depending on the prize type (virtual/physical) and transportation time to different countries.

Image credits and source: OnePlus