Hotfix fixes all lag issues in the update

The update brings November patch, but also has a widespread lag issue
Adhiraj S. Chauhan

EDIT 2020-01-11 04:30 GMT: OnePlus started rolling out the hotfix, which has already been added in the app. It seems this build fixes all lag issues. Note however that we currently only have the incremental zip from OxygenOS in app, as global build sadly uses Google OTA instead of OnePlus' own, thus making zips difficult to track. Huge thanks to Rolodo on our Discord server for sharing the download link! 

EDIT 2020-12-30: we mistakenly wrote that this update came with the December patch. It has the November patch instead, and the article has been edited to remove the incorrect information.

It's already bad enough that we're getting a November patch at the end of December, but this update also has yet another lag issue. Some of you have already emailed us about this, but for those of you who haven't yet installed this update, here's a list of possible workarounds to fix the issue:

  • Enable battery saver mode
    Settings -> Battery -> Battery Saver
    Staying on battery saver mode seems to be a workaround, as reported by multiple people on OnePlus Forums. Note that you will have to stay on battery saver, as the issue goes away only while on battery saver mode.
  • Disable Google Assistant Voice Match
    Settings -> Google -> Account services -> Search, Assistant, and Voice -> Google Assistant -> Voice Match
    This solution has been reported by users on forums as well, though we're not sure why this fixes the problem.
  • Record a short video from your camera and play that video back in your gallery
    This sounds the most absurd, but it somehow fixes all lag issues. You can delete the video afterwards. Thanks to @coldfire on our Discord server for suggesting this. It would work even for a audio record from the built-in recorder app.

You can try either of the listed workarounds, though I'd highly recommend the last one. I've personally tried it, and it works. It also doesn't come with any compromises, as is the case with the other two. If any solution works for you, or if you have a new/unlisted solution, please do email us or send a message on our Discord server, so that other users are made aware of it as well.