OnePlus 9-series wallpapers are now available ahead of device release

You can download the uncompressed wallpapers via MEGA or Google Drive


2021-10-17 01:15 GMT:

We noticed OnePlus has added a new static wallpaper and its live version in an updated Wallpaper Resources APK (version 2.0.7) present in OxygenOS 12 Open Beta 1. You can see it below, but you can also download it from MEGA and Google Drive (in android-12 subfolders) should you wish to apply it.

Original article has been preserved below.

The OnePlus 9-series are the new flagships OnePlus is going to release. Not only they will be available through, but also from carriers in USA, specifically T-Mobile (9 & 9 Pro) and Verizon (9). As per a recent announcement on OnePlus' forums, they will be unveiled on March 23rd. Furthermore, applications for The Lab, a unique program allowing you to review device ahead of launch have opened yesterday

We previously shared the colour variants that are to be expected, and just like we did with 8T, we can now share with you the 9-series wallpapers ahead of device release. Note that whilst our source required us to not share the Wallpaper Resources APK itself for their privacy, we are at liberty to share both static and live wallpapers. You can download them from MEGA or Google Drive should you wish to see them in high resolution.

Static wallpapers

Live wallpapers

To set these live wallpapers as your lock screen and home screen wallpapers, you can use the free application Video to Wallpaper (thanks JustPlayingHard for input!). Click on the "+" icon to select wallpaper path, and then tap on the "Apply" button as shown in this screen record from my OnePlus Nord N10 5G.

OnePlus holds the copyright to these wallpapers. They should not be used for commercial purposes.