OnePlus announces last Open Betas for 7-series & 7T-series

Open Beta 5 (released on 9th June 2021) is the last Open Beta for these devices
Adhiraj S. Chauhan


2021-06-14 09:00 IST:

Added the link for 7T Pro (EU)'s rollback ZIP (OnePlus hadn't posted it before).

It's well-known that the Open Beta (OB) release cycle for a device ends about a year before it reaches its End-of-Life (EOL; which is also when it receives the last stable build). There was already talk in the community that OB4 would be the last Open Beta, but as it turns out, 7-series & 7T-series devices got OB5 today (9th June 2021). OB4 was released around 20th March 2021, so it's been almost 2 months now. Previously, OnePlus used to announce the end of an OB update track after a new phone launch, and this time it's the same situation. This is probably because they intend to focus more on their newer devices (e.g. 9-series).

What does this mean for you if you are on the Open Beta track?

There are two options:

1. Switch back to the stable branch (recommended)

Moving from beta back to the stable branch requires a requires a full data wipe, so make sure to backup all important stuff before your proceed! (this is standard for a OnePlus device). You can use OnePlus Switch for backup purposes (remember to copy the "opbackup" folder somewhere else, like a PC, so that you can restore it after the rollback process). If you're familiar with installing updates via Local Upgrade (you should be, since you've been using Oxygen Updater already), here are the respective rollback packages for

Some EU links aren't available because OnePlus didn't provide them yet — we'll update the article when they do, so check back later.

If you're not familiar with the process, we recommend you to refer to the source posts for detailed instructions: 7-series7T-series. Note that OnePlus recommends that you flash the rollback build twice for stability reasons (so you should save a copy of the rollback ZIP somewhere else to avoid re-downloading it).

Once you're back on the stable branch, you'll continue to receive stable updates both via the system OTA, as well as via Oxygen Updater itself — make sure you select one of the stable update methods in the app's settings: "Stable (full)" or "Stable (incremental)" (depending on whether you have an unlocked bootloader or not).

2. Remain on the Open Beta track, even though you won't receive any more betas

Keep in mind that you won't receive new features, security patches, or bug-fixes anymore. We do not recommend this at all — you really should opt for the previous option.

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