OnePlus has launched an exchange program in India

It seems to be an improved version of the already-existing buyback program

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Following on the recent 9-series and Nord 2 launch, OnePlus has recently launched an exchange program in India, which seems to be an improved version of the buyback program that already exists.

More specifically, instead of going through an IMPS (Immediate Payment Service) or cash exchange after you've paid and received your new OnePlus smartphone after shipping your old device, you will now be able to get an instant discount at checkout and handover your old device at the same time as you receive your new one.

As of writing this article, this Exchange program is available for the OnePlus 8T, 9-series devices, Nord CE and Nord 2.

For your convenience, we reproduced below the process steps to place an Exchange order:

  • On OnePlus' store app or, check the availability of the service in your area by entering your PIN code. Answer few questions about your device (brand, model, conditions, IMEI number...). You will be given an estimation of how much OnePlus is willing to give you for your old phone.
  • Purchase your new phone at discounted price, with the Exchange value being deducted when you pay.
  • Get your device ready for exchange. This means backing up your data and wiping content of your phone. Then, ensure your phone has Internet access, has been charged at least to 75% and install Cashify Diagnostic application (Play Store, iOS) on it awaiting delivery person.
    Note: Should you trade an Apple device, you will need your Apple ID and password ready to turn off Find My iPhone feature.
  • Handover your old phone to the delivery person once they arrive at your doorstep so that they can assess if the condition is the same as stated while placing the order. If yes, you will receive your new device — else the Exchange will be cancelled and you will need to place a new order, should you still wish to buy your new phone. You will also be issued a refund to your original payment method within a week.

Please note, you will be able to cancel your Exchange order before your package is shipped by cancelling your order on the account page, as well as when delivery executive will be arrived at your doorstep. Do however mind that once you've given your old phone, you will not be able to get it back. Likewise, traded device must be the same as described while placing the order.

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