OxygenOS 11 finally comes to the stable track for 6/6T

All builds are already available in app, so you can update ASAP if you wish
Adhiraj S. Chauhan


2021-08-11 21:50 IST:

Added a link to the forum post, that went live just now. Also corrected a typo about when Open Beta 1 was released (we earlier stated 4 months, but it was 1 month ago, on 8th July 2021).

1 month ago, we wrote an article when OnePlus rolled out the first OxygenOS 11 beta build for the 6/6T (note: at the time of writing this article, the newest beta build is Open Beta 3). Now, the first stable OxygenOS 11 build has rolled out, and the app already has all the correct links. Scroll down for more detailed instructions and warnings. Since OnePlus has a track record of not properly testing their builds (especially new major Android releases), we recommend caution (Even though there have been 3 OxygenOS 11 Open Beta builds so far). Take a backup of all your data beforehand, just in case. 


  • System
    • Updated to OxygenOS 11 version
    • Fresh new UI visual design brings you a more comfortable experience with various optimizations of details
    • Since this is a big Android update with multiple new features, the upgrade process might be a little longer, please be more patient
  • Game Space
    • Newly added gaming tools box for convenient switches of Fnatic mode. You can now choose three ways of notifications: text-only, heads up and block, just for your immersive gaming experience
    • Newly added quick reply feature in a small window for Instagram, WhatsApp and Telegram (Enable it by swiping down from upper right/left corners of the screen in gaming mode)
    • Newly added mis-touch prevention feature. Enable it, swipe down from the top of the screen, click and the notification bar will pop out
  • Camera
    • Updated the camera UI and optimized some of the function paths to offer more convenient operation
  • Ambient Display
    • Newly added Insight clock style, a joint creation with Parsons School of Design. It will change according to the phone usage data (To set: Settings > Customization > Clock on ambient display)
    • Newly added Canvas feature that can automatically draw a wireframe picture based on a lock screen photo on your phone (Path: Settings - Customization - Wallpaper - Canvas - Choose photo preview and it can be generated automatically)
  • Dark Mode
    • Added a shortcut for Dark Mode, you can pull down the Quick Settings panel and find it
    • Supported automatically enable by time range (path: Settings - Display - Dark Mode - Turn on automatically - Automatically enable from sunset to sunrise / Custom time range)
  • Shelf
    • Newly shelf interface design, the interface is clearer
    • Added weather widget, animation effect smarter

This changelog is the exact same as the Open Beta 1 changelog, so maybe this stable build is based on OB1 (even though Open Beta 2 was out on 29th July 2021, and Open Beta 3 rolled out just 2 days ago, 9th August 2021).

Where can I install stable OxygenOS 11?

If you're currently on the stable track, you should have already received a notification from the app about update. If you're currently on Open Beta, you can switch back to the stable track if you wish, within the app itself: close this article (go back to the main screen of the app), select the "Stable (full)" method, and enable advanced mode as well (in the app's settings). This will work only if the build you're on is older compared to, so users on Open Beta 3 won't be able to switch to without rolling back first (OB3 is a slightly newer build by ~1.5 hours, based on the compilation date). Note that moving from beta -> stable usually requires a data wipe, so take a backup just to be safe. The "Local upgrade" screen will warn you if data will be wiped anyway.

However, you don't need to switch necessarily. Beta and stable are separate tracks, and they both receive updates separately (meaning if you stay on the beta track, you'll still receive future Open Beta updates). That said, beta usually ends much before stable (which ends only when the device is marked as EOL: End-of-Life i.e. in end-2021), but OnePlus provides a path to update to the latest stable (at the time) whenever beta ends. So, you can stay on the beta track if you wish.

Can I revert to the stable version of OxygenOS 10?

Yes. Normally we provide rollback instructions within the article itself, but this time we ask that you get in touch with OnePlus Support and ask them for rollback links. If they don't help you, then email us at [email protected] if you still wish to rollback. This is because rolling back completely wipes data, and in the past we've seen people mistakenly download rollback ZIPs from the article instead of OxygenOS 11 ZIPs from the main screen of the app (maybe they didn't read the article carefully, despite clear warnings). To further protect against possible mistakes on your side, we'll provide instructions on how to rollback over email only (but contact OnePlus Support first, this is neither our responsibility nor our job).

If you have any questions or concerns, you can either join our Discord server, or email us at [email protected].