Oxygen Updater v5.7.1 has been released on the Play Store

It fixes the "unsupported" warnings for devices running on the new ColorOS-based OxygenOS, so you should install it
Adhiraj S. Chauhan

EDIT 2022-03-18 15:30 IST:

We've published v5.7.1 to the Play Store, and it's essentially the same as v5.6.0 except with minor improvements. In case you skipped our earlier GitHub release, you can now update via Play Store itself.

We've preserved the original article about the old GitHub-only release below.

Normally we don't make articles about new app releases, since the app supports in-app updates. However, that's only for Play Store releases, and we haven't published v5.6.0 there yet — it's only on GitHub for now (30th January 2022), so you should update to it ASAP: https://github.com/oxygen-updater/oxygen-updater/releases/download/oxygen-updater-5.6.0/Oxygen.Updater.5.6.0.apk.


Most importantly, this release fixes the annoying "unsupported" warnings on OxygenOS 12 — if you're on a device running OOS 12 (8-, 9-series) and you're still on v5.5.0 of the app, you'd be familiar with these warnings. They were caused due to inconsistencies introduced in the new ColorOS-based OxygenOS, and the app couldn't make sense of them at the time. If you had enabled "advanced mode" in the app's settings, you can disable it now since it's not required anymore. If your device hasn't received OOS12 yet, you can prepare for it better by installing v5.6.0.

Thanks to the community, several translations were updated: Chinese (Simplified/China), Japanese, French, Romanian, and Dutch. It also brings support for Chinese (Traditional/Taiwan).

Additionally, all dependencies were updated which brings their own set of bug fixes and feature improvements. We recommend going through the full release notes if you'd like more code-focused details.

Because of issue #178, we can't release an update to Play Store yet, which is why it's on GitHub only as of writing this article. Don't worry though, with work on the new website finished, we'll be working hard to resolve scoped-storage annoyances and will eventually publish a new release on Play Store. Until then, we suggest "watching" our repository so you get notified of new releases:

Alternatively, you can join our Discord server where we post announcements as well. If you're an Android developer with experience in dealing with scoped-storage issues, we'd love your help.