You can now apply to the OnePlus Nord Closed Beta program

You'll be able to experience OxygenOS 12 ahead of public release

Great news today. After opening an OxygenOS 12 closed beta program for the 9R on 6th November 2021 and for the 8-series and 8T on November 12th 2021, OnePlus is now opening a similar program for the original OnePlus Nord. Oddly enough though, it is reserved to Indian users. Similarly to other devices programs, it will be short-termed and focused on the OxygenOS 12 update. Therefore, software builds may be subject to instability, your role (if you get accepted into the program) will consist in finding bugs within the software builds, and report them to OnePlus, so that they can get fixed ahead of public release, to hopefully avoid a scenario where first stable build would be pulled (we're looking at you 9-series).

Up to 150 users will be accepted into it, but they will have to meet a few requirements: owning an Indian OnePlus Nord (model AC2001), being comfortable with taking backups and restoring them (as builds might sometimes require a clean flash therefore lead to data loss), being willing to constantly communicate and provide feedback on Telegram, and being an active OnePlus Community member. Besides this, OnePlus may also filter your experiences via their survey (e.g. how many time you use your phone per day or your current occupation). Users providing exceptional feedback may be eligible to some gifts.

Joining this crew will require you to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with OnePlus, meaning you will NOT be allowed to share builds and any content related to it with anyone.

Note: These closed beta builds can be unstable, therefore we do NOT recommend to apply if you do not have prior experience in beta testing, as well as not knowing how to rollback to stable software by yourself, or when you don't know how to submit logs.

You can apply here (SurveyMonkey).

Image credit: OnePlus