OnePlus opened up applications for The Lab: OnePlus 10 Pro

Reviewers may be able to keep the device. You can apply until 26th March 2022 23:59 PST.
Adhiraj S. Chauhan

"The Lab" is a unique concept OnePlus first introduced in May 2016 with the OnePlus 3. The OnePlus 6/6T, 7- & 7T-series, 8T-series, 9-series, and Nord 2 & Buds Pro were a part of the program. This unique concept contains writing a relatively thorough review of ~10000 words (older "The Lab" editions had a word limit of ~250), as well as answering some questions regarding the required skills of reviewing a product. OnePlus decides which applications they approve, and they'll send devices to the selected reviewers. Assuming all goes well and you complete your review on time, you get to keep the device.

The 7T-series' had it slightly different — participants had to buy the device first, and winners could choose between a full reimbursement of their purchase, or a custom device with their name engraved. This year's iteration (for the 10 Pro) is similar to previous ones — there are 10 devices available.

OnePlus also posted a very useful thread explaining the selection process (including dos & don'ts), so give that a read as well.


  • March 17: Open for Application
  • March 17 – March 26: Community reviews your application
  • March 26: Application Closes
  • March 28: Announcement of Lab Reviewers
  • March 28: Ship out devices
  • March 31: Unboxing
  • April 1 onwards: The Lab Review commences

Only 10 reviewers will be selected, so make sure your application stands out. Try adding links to your existing work, if you have any (photography, news articles, blog posts, YouTube videos, etc). You can also check out this thread (was posted 2 years ago), where OnePlus explains the story behind The Lab. A user on OnePlus Forums who was also a Lab Reviewer for the 7T, gave some tips when writing an application (they made that post for the 9-series Lab, but it applies here as well).

Who can apply?

Both OnePlus and non-OnePlus users can apply, as well as community and non-community members. In the past, OnePlus reserved some spots for community members, but this time they've not specified anything about that. Though they haven't confirmed this, it's possible that users who're already in the FUT group aren't eligible.

How can you apply?

Head to this website and follow the instructions:

Application deadline

Until 26th March 2022 23:59 PST (GMT -07:00).


OnePlus posted the following FAQ:

  • Q: Who is eligible?
    A: All users will be eligible for our program.
  • Q: What criteria will OnePlus use to select the winners?
    A: Your entry will be reviewed based on your photography and writing skills. Other criteria include your tech gadget experience, review history, blogging, and related user-generated content highlighting your writing proficiency. This allows us to determine whether you qualify as a Lab reviewer.
  • Q: How many devices have you prepared for the Lab?
    A: We have prepared 10 devices for this edition of The Lab.
  • Q: When will you ship out the review devices?
    A: We will ship out devices according to the schedule. Depending on the user’s region, Lab Reviewers should receive devices in three to seven calendar days.
  • Q: For how long do reviewers get to create their review thread after receiving the device?
    A: Upon receiving the devices, we allow approximately seven calendar days for reviewers to write their reviews. A follow-up review after using the device for one month is also required.
  • Q: Will reviewers be able to keep the devices?
    A: Yes, provided both reviews are completed and submitted on time.
  • Q: Are Lab reviewers allowed to write critical reviews of the products they received?
    A: Our top priority is to elicit honest feedback, we are committed to publishing user feedback – positive or critical – with zero censorship or influence.

If you're looking for some inspiration, check out previous reviews by The Lab reviewers:

Keep in mind, however, reviewers will have to sign an NDA before they receive the devices. Check out the official post on OnePlus forums, which contains more information, and a sign-up link as well (which we also linked to above).

This iteration of The Lab seems to have a stricter selection process, so put some effort into your application as well as your review of the devices.

Best of luck! If you'd like to know more about the upcoming devices, you can do a quick Google search for "OnePlus 10 Pro rumours", and you can check our article on the phone as well. According to rumours the launch date of the 10 Pro was supposed to be mid-March, but it turned out to be just the announcement of The Lab. We'll be writing another article confirming the specs, pricing, and availability of the 10 Pro around the launch of the device.

Source: OnePlus Forums