Indian prices of the OnePlus Pad have been leaked

The tablet has already been announced and will go on sale on the 28th of April


2023-04-12, 9:12 CEST

The Indian price of the OnePlus Pad has been leaked by Abishek Yadav. The screenshot shows that the tablet will cost ₹23,099 between the 28th and 30th of April. This seems a pre-order discount. Abishek says that the actual price will be around ₹30k - ₹32k. The 

2023-01-30, 21:11 CET

Pete Lau, the CEO and founder of OnePlus, has posted a thread on the OnePlus forums showing renders of the OnePlus Pad. Lau indicates it is made of metal that is "integrated with an aluminium alloy CNC". According to Lau, placing the camera in the middle of the back ensures that you don't touch the camera when holding it horizontally. The edges are said to have been designed for an ergonomic grip. There's another green colour that OnePlus is introducing: Halo Green.

As we wrote yesterday, OnePlus is expanding its market into the PC industry. Now, it seems that they want to expand even further, but this time around in the tablet market. The codename of their first tablet is named Aries and it is called the OnePlus Pad. It's currently being tested by some users in India, according to MySmartPrice. OnePlus has also indirectly confirmed the launch of the OnePlus Pad on its UK and Dutch websites, while the OnePlus Pad does not appear on the US website. This may indicate that the OnePlus Pad will not be available in the US. The website mentions that it will launch alongside the OnePlus 11 and OnePlus Buds Pro 2. However, we also know that the OnePlus Keyboard and the Q2 Pro TV will be announced on 7 February. Some products, such as the Q2 Pro and the OnePlus 11R will only be available in India.

MySmartPrice has also published renders of the OnePlus Pad in collaboration with OnLeaks.

The renders show a front camera, a rear camera, two volume buttons on the side, speakers and a power button with what appears to be a built-in fingerprint scanner. If you know what the OPPO Pad Air looks like, you might be surprised at how similar they look. Both tablets seem to have a metal body. According to MySmartPrice, there's a cut-out for a stylus. The screen is said to be 11.6 inches.