[US Only] OxygenOS Open Ears Forum

Contribute to the future of OxygenOS
Arjan Vlek

On April 7th, OnePlus will be holding an OxygenOS edition of its Open Ears Forum!

During this forum, OnePlus will talk with a small group of users about the destiny of its own operating system - OxygenOS. 

Expect a good discussion and the ability to deliver suggestions about upcoming features and changes to the operating system.

OnePlus allows 25 US residents to join the forum, which are chosen at random. The forum takes place in San Fransico.

To make a chance to attend the forum, you'll have send in an application. Applications are open until 10.00 pm PDT on March 14th, and take place via OnePlus' application form.

Note: According to OnePlus, this is an English-speaking forum. You'll need some good writing and speaking skills of the English language to attend the forum.

Are you going to attend the forum?

Please leave a comment in the Discord channel!

Image / Icon credit: OnePlus

Source: https://forums.oneplus.net/threads/application-join-our-open-ears-forum-oxygenos-san-francisco-us.798640/