OxygenOS 13.1 is out for OnePlus 9R

Both full & incremental ZIPs are available, so you can update ASAP
Adhiraj S. Chauhan

OnePlus 9R went on sale in India on 23rd March 2021, launching with OxygenOS 11 out-of-the-box. It was the third device to receive an update to OOS13 back in 2022, first via a Closed Beta on 19th August, followed by an Open Beta on 16th October, and finally, the first stable build on 15th November. OxygenOS 13.1 is not a major update by any means, it's similar to OxygenOS 12 → 12.1.

Anyway, the first 13.1 build for 9R carries the F.26 version number, displayed as This marks the return to a better versioning format, similar to how it was before the Oppo-merger (e.g., 10.0.1). If you wish to update to 13.1, you can do so via the app itself, since both full & incremental ZIPs are available.

It's also important to note that the Nord CE 3 Lite was technically the first device with 13.1, since it launched with it in the first place. 10 Pro received it 2 weeks ago, and 10R got it last week.

Changelog for

  • Personalization
    • Expands Omoji's functionality and library.
  • Health
    • Adds a new TalkBack feature that recognizes and announces images in apps and Photos.
    • Adds the new Zen Space app, with two modes, Deep Zen and Light Zen, to help you focus on the present.
    • Improves Simple mode with a new helper widget and quick tutorials on the Home screen.
  • Gaming experience
    • Adds the Championship mode to Game Assistant. This mode improves performance while also disabling notifications, calls, and other messages to give you a more immersive gaming experience.
    • Adds a music playback control to Game Assistant, so you can listen to and control music easily while gaming.

It's important to note that the new "Seamless interconnection" auto-connect feature (between nearby phones, tablets, PCs) is not mentioned in this changelog, even though it was part of 10 Pro's with this note added in later:

Where can I install stable OxygenOS 13.1?

If you're currently on the stable track, you should have already received a notification from the app about this update. Please ensure you've selected either of the stable update methods in the app's settings, since the beta track doesn't receive updates separately from stable anymore (post Oppo-merger). Beta track is now meant only for the first few major Android builds, nothing more. Disable advanced mode as well, in case it's turned on for whatever reason. The stable track will continue to receive updates until the device is marked EOL (End-of-Life).

Once you're on the main screen of the app, simply download the update presented to you and follow the installation guide.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can either join our Discord server, or email us at [email protected].