OnePlus 10 Pro's Closed Beta program is accepting applications (India-only)

You'll be able to experience OxygenOS 14 ahead of public release
Adhiraj S. Chauhan

OnePlus 10 Pro was announced on 31th March 2022, and shipped with OxygenOS 12 out of the box. Now, OnePlus has announced an OxygenOS 14 Closed Beta program for the Indian variant of this device. After the Oppo merger, OnePlus has switched to a new format of Closed Beta applications. Earlier, they used to host a survey on a third-party site like SurveyMonkey, but now the application process is built into the OS itself: Settings > About device > Tap "Up to date" > Tap top-right overflow icon.

OnePlus 11 was the first device to get the OOS14 Closed Beta program earlier this month, Nord 3 was second, 11R was third.

You should not expect any build in this program to be stable or polished. If you're accepted, your role will consist in finding and reporting OS bugs to OnePlus so that any critical issues will be fixed ahead of public release. Curiously, OnePlus has already posted a list of known issues, meaning an initial OOS14 Closed Beta build is already available:

  • Flashing screen issue when adjusting brightness in the status bar under dark environment.
  • Flashing screen issue when using fingerprint unlock on the lock screen.
  • Abnormal display when switching screen resolution.
  • Desktop static wallpaper is dimmed after switching to dark mode in the status bar.
  • Dynamic wallpaper may switch to static wallpaper after upgrading.
  • Flashing screen issue when unlocking with fingerprint in TikTok interface.
  • Several third-party apps aren't compatible; see for more info

Up to 500 users will be accepted into the closed beta program, but they will have to meet a few requirements:

  • own an Indian OnePlus 10 Pro (NE2211) running version (use our app to update if you haven't already)
  • be comfortable with taking backups and restoring them (some CB builds may require a "clean flash", resulting in data loss)
  • be willing to constantly communicate and provide feedback to OnePlus staff on Telegram (or via *#800#)
  • be an active OnePlus Community member

Besides these requirements, OnePlus may also filter applications based on your other parameters in the application (e.g. how many times you use your phone per day or your current occupation). Users with exceptional participation in this program may be eligible for rewards, though it's not disclosed what they may be.

Note: These closed beta builds can be unstable, and we don't recommend applying if you're not experienced in beta testing, or if you're not aware on rollback/downgrade procedures. If you're accepted, OnePlus will provide guides anyway, but we recommend familiarizing yourself with the process beforehand.

You can apply from 30th August onwards in Settings > About device > Tap "Up to date" > Tap top-right overflow icon. OnePlus expects to process applications by 17th August, and you should receive a message on your phone number with a Telegram group invitation if you're selected. Also, you'll need to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with OnePlus, meaning you will NOT be allowed to share builds and any content related to it with anyone.

Can I rollback to OxygenOS 13.1?

Assuming you're selected in the Closed Beta program, at some point you may want to go back to OxygenOS 13.1. Rolling back will completely wipe all your data, so please take a backup before proceeding.

Make sure you choose the correct rollback package for your device & region. We are providing these links purely for your convenience, as rolling back isn't natively supported by our app. After downloading the correct rollback package, move the file from the "Downloads" directory to the topmost directory of internal storage (the same directory that the "Downloads" folder is in). Also ensure it ends with ".zip".

Then, open Settings -> About device -> Version and tap "Build number" 7 times. This will enable Android's built-in "developer mode" (you might have to enter your phone's PIN/password too). Once this is done, "Local install" will once again be visible in Settings -> About device -> Up to date -> top-right button. Alternatively, try this APK instead (provided by OnePlus): Find it in your app drawer after installing, it should be labelled “System update”.

Rollback packages

The following packages will rollback your device to OxygenOS 13 ( / C.56), and will wipe all your data. Only Indian rollback ZIPs are available, because the Closed Beta program (as described above) is only for India.

Remember: these are rollback packages — they're not the packages you should download if you're looking to apply to the Closed Beta program. For that, read above.

Source: OnePlus Community