OxygenOS 14 Open Beta 3 is out for OnePlus 11 (NA & India only)

To install, choose either of "Open Beta" update methods in the app's settings. Rollback instructions are towards the end.
Adhiraj S. Chauhan


Third Open Beta is out, and it's available in our app as well.

Open Beta 3 changelog (

Known issues
  • Stucking issue of music sound connecting wired headphones when taking photos.
  • "The system desktop has stopped running" error while setting third-party fonts.
  • Screen flashes when swiping the navigation bar to switch apps.
  • Directly back to the desktop when swiping up to exit the cards in Shelf.
  • Dark mode does not work on the Play Store page.
  • Incoming call notification banner does not show on desktop.
  • "The system interface irresponsible" error while using the Play Store.
  • Integrates the October 2023 Android security patch to enhance system security.
  • Improves system stability and performance.
  • Extends battery life in some scenarios.
  • Fixes a display issue that affects the widgets on the Home screen when you switch to Dark mode.
  • Fixes an issue where some third-party payment apps might not work properly.
  • Fixes an issue where you might be unable to share photos from an album to the app you select.

2023-09-25 16:06 CEST

OnePlus has now announced the second Open Beta for the OnePlus 11. It's already available in the app.

Open Beta 2 changelog (

Known issues

  • Probable failure of first fingerprint unlock on third-party music lock screen.
  • Unable to connect WhatsApp incoming calls or videos after clicking on the call notification when playing game or video on full screen.
  • Abnormal brightening of lock screen in dark environment.
  • Use the camera to take photos with the AI function on full screen, the probability of showing black edges on both sides of the film
  • Black edges on both sides are displayed on photos after taking photos with AI function on full screen.
  • Possibly no reminder when turning on screen recording.


  • Fixes an issue that might cause some third-party apps to crash.
  • Fixes a screen flicker issue that might occur when certain apps are opened.
  • Fixes an issue where swipe-up gestures might not work.


  • Fixes a volume issue with Bluetooth headphones.


  • Fixes a display issue that might affect the status bar when you switch between landscape and portrait mode in Camera.
  • Fixes an issue where the toolbar in Camera might fail to be hidden.
  • Fixes a display issue that might occur in Camera when you turn on Interval shooting in landscape mode.

OnePlus 11 launched on 7th February 2023, and came with OxygenOS 12 out-of-the-box. It was the first device to get a OxygenOS 14 Closed Beta program, and it's also the first device to get an Open Beta (although for India it's "Open" only in name; read below for more information).

OxygenOS 14 Open Beta 1 changelog (

  • Security and privacy
    • Improves photo and video-related permission management for safer access by apps.
  • Performance optimization
    • Improves system stability, the launch speed of apps, and the smoothness of animations.
  • Aquamorphic Design
    • Upgrades Aquamorphic Design with a natural, gentle, and clearer color style for a more comfortable color experience.
    • Adds Aquamorphic-themed ringtones and revamps the system notification sounds.
  • User Care
    • Adds a carbon tracking AOD that visualizes the carbon emissions you avoid by walking instead of driving.

There are also known issues in this build, which we have reproduced below for your convenience:

  • The flight icon displays on status bar after turning off the flight mode.
  • Turning on the flight mode in control center is not responsive.
  • Flashing back issue when entering Notes in the Shelf.
  • Black screen issue when opening step tracker page through the health widget in the Shelf.
  • Dual channel network acceleration function cannot be triggered automatically.
  • Sliding finger to the icon cannot launch the app using Quick Launch.
  • Screen flashes during application startup animation.
  • Up-swipe gesture probably fails.

Although you may be hyped by OxygenOS 14 now being available for your device, do remember that this is beta software (as proven by known issues list) and as such, you accept any risks by installing this update. Furthermore, you're expected to report bugs to OnePlus directly by dialing *#800# from the stock phone app. Alternatively, you can also submit feedback via this form. Do also mind that rolling back to OxygenOS 13.1 at any point will require a full data wipe, so don't get excited and jump into OB1 without considering all its pros and cons.

How can I install this beta?

This is meant only for OnePlus 11 — it WILL NOT WORK for other devices. Since this is a beta update, make sure to backup all important data before your proceed as it may not be stable!

OnePlus provided a download link for NA devices (CPH2451), however for Indian devices (CPH2447) they follow a completely different process. It started with the Nord 2T, then the Nord CE 2 Lite, Nord CE 2, and Nord CE were also adopted into this process. Earlier, OnePlus used to have a Closed Beta program, in which they selected people based on their form responses. After that, an Open Beta would start, with public download links so that everyone (hence the name "Open") could try it out. However, with the aforementioned devices, they required users to fill out a form and wait for their application to be accepted — which is very clearly similar to the Closed Beta program. Nothing is "Open" about it:

Source: OnePlus Community post

Anyway, even the Indian OOS14 beta 1 official download link is available, as someone in the community was able to capture it. After rigorously verifying it, we've added it to the app so that you can install it if you choose. However, we highly recommend applying via the normal process (described above), so that OnePlus' software & testing teams don't get overwhelmed with more beta testers than they planned for (at the time of writing, as seen in the screenshot above, OnePlus wants to accept only 5000 users).

Before installing, please ensure your battery level is at least 30% and you have at least 5.5GB space left on your device. If you encounter any bugs in OB1, make sure you report them to OnePlus. Also, it's recommend that you're on the latest version of OxygenOS 13.1 ( before installing OOS14 OB1. Neither we nor OnePlus are responsible for any issues you may encounter during the installation process.

You can install the beta using this app itself: close this article, open the app's settings, and switch to one of the "Open Beta" update methods — you might have to enable "advanced mode" as well. Then go back to the main screen of the app, and you'll be able to download (OB1). You can check the forum thread for more information: https://community.oneplus.com/thread/1255864653553598467.

Can I revert to the stable version of OxygenOS 13.1?

Yes, please read the forum thread of your device as linked above for detailed instructions. Rolling back will completely wipe all your data, so please take a backup before proceeding.

Make sure you choose the correct rollback package for your device and region. We are providing these links purely for your convenience, as rolling back isn't natively supported by our app. After downloading the correct rollback package, move the file from the "Downloads" directory to the topmost directory of internal storage (the same directory that the "Downloads" folder is in).

Then, open Settings -> About device -> Version and tap "Build number" 7 times. This will enable Android's built-in "developer mode" (you might have to enter your phone's PIN/password too). Once this is done, "Local install" will once again be visible in Settings -> About device -> Software update -> top-right button.

NA devices will need to download & install OnePlus' separate local upgrade app: https://oxygenos.oneplus.net/OPLocalUpdate_For_Android13.apk. If it downloads as a ZIP/JAR, replace the ".zip" with ".apk". Find it in your app drawer after installing, it should be labelled "System update".

Rollback packages

The following packages will rollback your device to (A.25), and will wipe all your data. Only the NA & Indian rollback ZIPs are available, as other regions haven't received the OOS14 beta yet.

Remember: these are rollback packages — they're not the packages you should download if you're looking to switch to Open Beta. For that, close this news article and choose either of the "Open Beta" update methods in the app's settings.

Source: https://community.oneplus.com/thread/1255864653553598467