Community Edition becomes Open Beta

A new name for an interesting update method
Arjan Vlek

You may already have noticed it: when selecting an update method in the Oxygen Updater app, you'll now get the choice to opt for the "Open Beta" versions. As the name indicates, this update method offers you access to public beta versions of Oxygen OS.

Previously, this update method was called "Community Edition (betas)". That was a pretty long name for something from the past.

The name "Community Edition" came from the very first moment OnePlus started offering beta versions of Oxygen OS. They called their beta program "Comunity Edition", because it was supposed to give the community insight into ongoing development, and allow feedback plus suggestions for future versions of Oxygen OS.

While that worked very well, OnePlus decided to re-brand these beta versions as "Open Betas", probably because they're not only meant for users of the forums (which are now called "OnePlus Community). However, the updates offered as Open Betas are the same as the Community Editions. 

Since OnePlus uses the term "Open Beta" for quite a while, I tought it was time to change it in the app as well. 

From now on, you'll get the choice to either use the regular versions of Oxygen OS, or opt for the Open Betas. If you previously opted for the Community Edition, you don't have to do anything at all. Well, except for keeping your device up-to-date.