Devices with GLO/ROW variants are now supported in Oxygen Updater

No app update is required, but we recommend closing the app completely, then clear its cache and open it again
Adhiraj S. Chauhan

Normally we don't write such articles — we silently add support for new devices/variants — but this is important. We've added support for the ROW variant of these devices (Rest of World; OnePlus calls it "GLO"):

Device Model Latest version (as of writing this article)
OnePlus Nord 3 CPH2493 CPH2493_13.1.0.581(EX01)
OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite CPH2465 CPH2465_13.1.0.611(EX01)
OnePlus 11 CPH2449 CPH2449_13.1.0.591(EX01)
OnePlus 10T CPH2415 CPH2415_13.1.0.584(EX01)
OnePlus Nord 2T CPH2399 CPH2399_11_C.29
OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite CPH2409 CPH2409_11_C.26
OnePlus Nord N20 SE CPH2469 CPH246922875_13.1.1.520(EX01)
OnePlus 10 Pro NE2213 NE2213_13.1.0.593(EX01)
OnePlus Nord AC2003 AC2003_11_F.21

Note that these have the same model number as EUEX builds, but they very much are a completely different build. For example, EUEX builds would include "EEA" in the build fingerprint, while GLO/ROW builds don't have any EEA qualifiers. We've also linked official OnePlus Community posts of respective versions (wherever available) for your convenience.

No app update is required, but we recommend closing the app completely, then clear its cache and open it again. If you see a "Device mismatch" warning, then you have a GLO/ROW device and you should correct the selection in the app's settings screen (the app would've auto-selected the "EU" variant earlier). Also, if you enabled advanced mode at some point, please disable it now.

If you see no warning, not even in the "Device" screen in the app (middle icon in the bottom bar), you don't need to change anything. Simply close the app; everything is already correct.

For the sake of completeness, if you have a device with the exact model number listed in the table above and you're not sure which build you're on (EU vs ROW), you can check it yourself:

  • Download any terminal emulator from the Play Store (e.g. Termux)
  • Run getprop in it
  • If the output has EEA in it after OnePlus/<model>, then you have what OnePlus and we define as an "EU" device. Otherwise it's GLO/ROW.
  • Reminder: this is only relevant only if your model matches the table above. It can be seen in the app's "Device" screen just under the name.

Email us at [email protected] if you're confused or if you want us to rectify any variant detection issues. Report anything OS-related to OnePlus directly, as they make the updates of course.