Shot on OnePlus - a cool photo competition

Will you take the best picture?
Arjan Vlek

OnePlus cares about the cameras of their devices. They'll do everything in order to let you take the best looking photos. Be it the camera lenses and sensors, or the camera app on your device. Everything is tuned in order to take great-looking photos.

In order to highlight this, OnePlus has created "Shot on OnePlus", an online photo gallery and photo competition. 

So, what's it all about?

Shot on OnePlus highlights the best photos taken with OnePlus devices. Awesome-looking pictures of landscapes, cities and buildings are featured on the website, 

Each day, a "photo of the day" is selected. This photo will be shown on the cover of the website. The site also contains a gallery with all past highlighted photo's, and you can view your own submitted photos.

How do I submit a photo?

If you'd like to submit a photo, you may do so by signing in with your OnePlus account at If you've visited the webshop or the forums before, you'll already have such an account. If not, you can create one very easily.

To submit a photo, you'll have to keep in mind the following three rules:

1: The photo must be taken with your OnePlus smartphone

2: The photo must contain the "Shot on OnePlus" tag. This can be turned on via the Camera app, by swiping up and selecting the Settings. The Shot On OnePlus option is located there. If you've already taken the photo, you can apply this tag via the Gallery app, selecting the photo and choosing the Shot on Oneplus option.

3. The photo may only be edited on your phone, not using desktop computer software (Note: whilst the mobile version of Photoshop seems to be allowed by this rule, the desktop version clearly isn't).

Afterwards, sign in on the page and upload your photo. If yours is selected to become the photo of the day, consider yourself very lucky.

Wrapping it up

It seems like OnePlus has created a pretty nifty platform by letting you create photos and share them to a gallery, them randomly drawing one as the picture of the day. The only thing I am really missing is a way to browse through all (or at least more) submitted photos. I think there are many more great-looking photos just than those which were selected to be the best of the day. If OnePlus were to expand the gallery, then this would be really cool. 

Icon credit: OnePlus