TWRP Recovery is available for OnePlus 5

Rooting your device and installing custom software has become a breeze.
Arjan Vlek

Team Win, the team behind TWRP Recovery, has announced that an official version of TWRP recovery is now available for the latest OnePlus device: the OnePlus 5.

What is it?

TWRP recovery allows advanced users to root their device, install custom software and make full backups of all system files. See it as a set of power tools to tweak or work on your device.

The release of an official TWRP build is an important milestone in terms of custom software development, as most ROM developers use its features to install the ROM on the device. Now that TWRP is available, expect major custom ROMS (LineageOS, Resurrection etc.) to be available soon.

How do I get it?

Installing TWRP is pretty easy - that is, if you're an andvanced user. If you have never installed custom software before, you'll have to read the guide very good to prevent doing something wrong.

To get started, visit Follow the Fastboot install method to install TWRP on your device. Note: This erases all your apps, pictures and files. Make a proper backup first!!!

Oh and finally, once you are rooted, using Oxygen Updater becomes much easier! You get the privilege to auto-install system updates using this app.

Image credit: Team Win, Official TWRP app logo