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If you've joined, you've got mail
Arjan Vlek

Update 2018/12/08: All mails have been answered. If you did not get a reply then please mail again. 

Update 2018/11/24: Thanks for massively replying to our contributor request. Within the following weeks, you'll receive a reply to your email. Stay tuned!

For now, application has been closed. If we need more contributors, we'll let you know!


You might already have heard it, or perhaps not. But Oxygen Updater is no longer able to automatically show you the latest updates for your OnePlus device.

What does this mean?

This does not mean Oxygen Updater is dead. But: it means that updates need to be manually added to its database. That's quite some work, as we have up to 7 devices receiving updates. These are currently the OnePlus 3, 3T, 5, 5T and 6, but we likely also want to start supporting the 6T, which has both a global and a T-mobile variant. Also, we need quite some info of these updates to provide a stable and user-friendly method of updating via the app.

Also, as we're supporting both regular and beta updates, there is almost no week without a single update released.

So, we're in need of some help. In the past, the automatic update importer allowed the app to be maintained by just me, @Titokhan and @AnonymousWP. But adding all these updates manually involves quite some work, and I'd like to have some more time to do other things and have to deal with Real Life™.

How can I help?

We're looking for (OnePlus) enthousiasts who want to contribute to Oxygen Updater by adding new updates for one or more OnePlus devices. You don't need to be a developer / programmer to help, but some computer skills come in handy.

Also, you should not need an actual OnePlus device, but let's face it: you probably have one if you're reading this, haven't you?

So: how does it work? It basically involves gathering a direct link to a new update package, downloading & extracting it and copying some version numbers of it. Once you've got a download link, you can add the details of it using a webpage available to all registered contributors. To access that, you'll get an account of which you can set your own password. Download links can be found using Search Plus on XDA-Developers or the advanced search of the OnePlus forums. 

Also, the webpage contains a PDF manual on how to gather all required details of the update and on how to make a succesful contribution.

*Your help will be rewarded. Once you've made your first contribution, you'll receive a one-time payment of US$10 (or your local equivalent) in PayPal or a similar payment service. 

Upon contacting me, you'll receive a document that explains how you can add the updates to the app.