Scrolling issues on OnePlus 5

Caused by a screen placed upside down. Not a software issue!
Arjan Vlek

Some users have reported issues when scrolling on their OnePlus 5. They noted that the contents of the screen are stretched during scrolling. This effect, named "Jelly scrolling", is caused by a weird design decision from OnePlus: They placed the screen upside down!

The effect likely occurs because the screen refreshes in the other way than we expect, because users of other devices have stated to see the same if they hold their device upside down.

Not on every device

Interestingly, not everyone notices this issue. It likely requires sensitive eyes and seems to be present on some devices only. 

No solution

OnePlus does not see this as a defect, which means you can only return your device during the 14-day return period. If the return period has passed, you are unfortunately out of luck. 

Also, it's not likely a software update is going to fix it. Writing software to physically rotate a phone screen does not seem to be possible at the moment :)

Hopefully not many users will notice this issue. Otherwise, the OnePlus 5 will be a device which leaves a bad taste behind...

Image credit: OnePlus