Important Service Update for T-Mobile 6T users

No longer supported in Oxygen Updater
Arjan Vlek

Oxygen Updater ends support for users of the T-Mobile edition of the OnePlus 6T, effective January 29th, 2019. Users of the regular edition of the OnePlus 6T are unaffected.

Why are we ending support?

It turned out that the T-Mobile USA edition of the OnePlus 6T does not have any ability to install system updates yourself. The only two methods of updating this phone are: getting an update pushed by T-Mobile (device reboots itself to update) or: clicking on "Install" for an update which is already available in the regular System Update section of the system's Settings app.

This means that any updates offered within Oxygen Updater can not be installed on your device.

Without the ability to install updates on your device, we don't see the benefits to offer the Oxygen Updater service for your device. Therefore, we are dropping support for this device effective today (January 29th, 2019).

I bought the ad-free version of the app. Can I get a refund?

Yes. All users of the T-Mobile 6T can get a full refund of their purchase. Please contact me and include your Google Play purchase number (available in your receipt, should start with "GPA") and a screenshot of the "My device" tab of the app in your mail. I will then contact you and let you know when your purchase has been refunded.

Are there any alternatives?

Users wanting to keep their device unmodified, which is required to keep your warranty and receive support from the T-Mobile customer service, will have to wait until system updates get pushed to their device by T-Mobile. I'm sorry, there is no way around this.

Users who'd like to tinker with their device may convert it to the regular edition of the OnePlus 6T by following this guide: .

Afterwards, you can re-install Oxygen Updater and it should detect your device as the regular OnePlus 6T ("OnePlus 6T (Global)"). You can also opt-in for the OxygenOS Open Beta program provided for the regular OnePlus 6T. To get the dual-SIM functionality of a regular 6T, you can buy a new SIM tray for your device.

Please note that this conversion method is not official. Performing it will ERASE all files, pictures and messages of your device. Make sure to keep a backup. You will also LOSE any warranty and support provided by T-Mobile, unless you restore your device to the official T-Mobile edition software yourself*. 

I hope this article provides all information you'll need. If you still have any questions, please contact me or any of the other Oxygen Updater administrators via Discord

~Arjan - Owner & Administrator of Oxygen Updater

* This is not a guaranteed way to restore your warranty. If T-Mobile still figures out that you've tinkered with the phone, they may refuse your warranty or support request. The Oxygen Updater team is not responsible for any modifications you make to your phone. This content is purely meant for informational and educational purposes.