Dutch user wins OxygenOS design competition #PMChallenge

Parts of his designs will be implemented by OnePlus
Arjan Vlek

Dutch OnePlus forum user Its.Leandroo has won the OxygenOS design competition "#PMChallenge". He has presented his vision on how OxygenOS should look. 

He did not think about just a single app, but instead presented a vision on how the OS itself should look and behave. He spent most of his efforts on the 1st-time setup wizard, lock screen and Shelf.

Leandroo shares a vision about how people should interact with smartphones. Smartphones should offer a consistent experience, bringing highly-usable features whilst still allowing customization for advanced users.

Image credit: Designed by Its.Leandroo

Lots of his suggested improvements are actually pretty small, but provide just a bit more smoothness to the user interface and explain thinks a little bit better than what currently is done. 

I'd suggest you all to checkout his submission thread, in which he describes his designs, and his website, on which he shows images of all 47 designs. In this case, a few pictures describe much more than a thousand of words!

When will we get it?

Whilst the design is really cool, it yet remains to see how much of his ideas OnePlus will actually implement in a future OxygenOS update. I hope OnePlus will cover mosts parts, as the ideas seem really well-thought to me.

Icon credit: The OxygenOS logo is property of OnePlus