OnePlus' convoluted way to request feedback

Issues with SMS? Send us your "QXDM Log"
Arjan Vlek

OnePlus announced that they've received "feedback" regarding text messaging and RCS messaging (the successor of SMS) on the T-Mobile variant of the OnePlus 6T. By this, they mean that a relatively large group of users has reported issues with one of these features.

The announcement states that "if you encountered any difficulties in messaging, we will need your support to share more details which will help us improve the messaging experience". This already sounds a bit vague, but at least it's nice they acknowledge their own fault.

So what's so complicated about it, then?

You may see they've done good by informing about this issue, and asking for support to get it fixed, but it gets complicated when you follow their instructions to obtain and supply "logs" to help fix the issue. 

They ask you to dial a special number (*#800#) and capture very low-level logs. See this example: click "get QXDM Log", choose "modem-common" and click "open device log"

After following a few more of these steps, you need to reproduce the SMS / RCS message error , wait a few minutes and "close the logs". To top it off, you need to send them a whole "oem_log" folder along with screenshots.

I'd have to say they explained a lot about the process. But I don't think much users are willing to take the effort to gather and supply all of this information

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