Join the Oxygen Updater Discord server

Talk about the app, OxygenOS and get help from others
Arjan Vlek

Introducing the official Oxygen Updater Discord Server. Have you joined it yet?

What is Discord?

You might already have heard of (or even use) Discord, but if not: here's a short introduction to it.

Discord is a popular chat platform among people on the internet. It is especially popular under gamers and YouTubers. It is a great communication platform and offers easy access to group chats. These group chats are called "Servers". Oxygen Updater also has its own Discord server.

What about this server?

The Oxygen Updater discord server currently offers an announcements channel, a support channel, a discussion channel and an off topic channel. There are currently no voice channels.

The announcement channel covers new updates about Oxygen Updater and the important bits you'll need to know. Note that new OxygenOS versions are NOT posted in here, as you'll receive them as a notification on your phone already. 

The discussion channel is an OnePlus oriented chat room. Feel free to talk about OnePlus or OxygenOS stuff in here.

For questions about the app or updating your phone, use the Support channel.

For non-OnePlus stuff, use the off-topic channel.

All channels only have one rule: Be polite against each other.

How can I join the server?

It's as easy as clicking on this invite link. If you don't have a Discord account yet, you'll be prompted to create one before joining the server.