OnePlus announces last Open Betas for the 5 and 5T

This is the last Open Beta users will receive

Unfortunately, OnePlus has announced that the most recent Open Betas for the 5 and 5T (35 and 33) will be the last ones that users will receive. I don't think we have to explain you what the Open Betas are and what they contain, otherwise you wouldn't have received this notification ;). This is probably because OnePlus is going to focus on the upcoming Open Betas for the 7-series, as well as Android Q for the 7-series, 6(T) and 5(T).


What does this mean for me as a user that runs the Open Beta?

There are actually a few options which you should consider since the Open Beta program for the 5 and 5T came to an end:

  • You can switch back to the stable branche. Moving back to the stable branche from the beta branche will require a full install and clean flash (FULL WIPE of all data and cache). There are some rollback builds available, made by OnePlus at the end of this post: Once you're back on the stable branche, you'll continue to receive stable updates, also via Oxygen Updater (just set your 'update method' to 'incremental patch' and if you have an unlocked bootloader to 'full update').
  • Even though you won't receive any more betas, you can still keep running this version. However, mind that you won't receive new features nor security-patches nor bug-fixes anymore.
  • One last thing you can do is having hope for OnePlus to change their minds, as Android Q is around the corner. With the 3(T) they also released the Community Beta based on Pie, even though the Open Betas were already halted. With a bit of luck, they'll do the same for the 5(T).


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