Project & Team Updates

Organizational change: Adhiraj will act as a Team Lead, plus future plans about ads and monetization
Adhiraj S. Chauhan

Greetings - a quick update on the project:


Organisational Change


In order to provide the best user experience, and to work more efficiently, we will be splitting responsibilities within the team.


Adhiraj will act as Team Lead, and thus owns the Play Store account. He will be managing app releases, servers, and any associated finances.

As such, the application has been transferred to his account. This will not impact the users in anyway, but we wanted to provide a formal notice as the application is no longer listed under Arjan Vlek's account and some users may be wondering why.


We’re also improving our public relations as well. A few team members have been assigned responsibility of community engagement - they’ll be active in our Discord server, as well as reply to emails and Play Store reviews.


Future Plans


We recently completed new releases for the Android app (starting with v3.0.0), and are currently in the process of building new servers. We’ve been gathering feedback: it seems the overwhelming opinion of users is to keep ads, for 3 reasons:

  • People have already bought the in-app purchase to get rid of ads - it wouldn’t be fair to remove ads altogether for these users
  • All revenue will be used to for server upkeep and other costs associated with running this project smoothly
  • Additional revenue, if any, will be used to give back to the community (including top contributors). Current ideas include Oxygen Updater branded apparel, stickers, and exciting giveaways. More on this soon.

However, we will continue to explore possibilities of generating revenue through less obtrusive means. We’ve implemented a “Sponsor” button on our GitHub repositories, for example. Maybe something similar will come to the Android app soon.


Thank you,

Oxygen Updater Team