Alleged OnePlus 8T wallpapers are now available

You can download the uncompressed wallpapers either via MEGA or Google Drive

Earlier yesterday, we looked at latest APKs uploaded on APK Mirror and noticed a new version of OP Wallpaper Ressources (APK in which one are stored device wallpapers) available.

As an update to this application usually means new wallpapers are available, we decided to decompile it in order to look for them.
Below are the new wallpapers we found,  their name starts by "wallpaper_k_", with "k" most likely standing for "kebab" as since at least 7T-series wallpapers' name start usually start by "wallpaper_" followed by the first letter of device codename.

We uploaded them uncompressed on MEGA and on Google Drive should you wish to see them in high resolution.
Please note that while we haven't been able to test on our own devices, we believe you may be able to apply them on your own if you sideload the APK along with OnePlus Wallpaper one.

We've made another article which covers OnePlus 8T specs, you can check it out here.