OxygenOS finally comes to the OnePlus 7-series

All devices & regions have received this update, and links are already in the app
Adhiraj S. Chauhan


2021-05-24 16:30 IST: EU rollout has also begun, and the app already has the correct links.

2021-05-23 07:20 IST: rollout has started for 7 Pro (global) as well, and the links have already been added to the app. We'll update the article when EU rollout begins and the app gets the correct links.

2021-05-23 06:00 IST: has started rolling out for 7 (global) and the links have already been added to the app. We'll update the article when rollout for other regions  & devices begins and the app gets the correct links.

2021-05-14 23:04 IST:

OnePlus announced they are aware of system stability and battery performance issues within OxygenOS build and said those will be addressed in future builds. More specifically, the next build should start rolling out this month.

Source: OnePlus

2021-04-19 18:10 IST: rollout for 7-series EU finally started, and we've already added links in the app so you can update ASAP.

2021-04-16 23:00 IST: hotfix started rolling out. Global links are already in the app, but EU rollout hasn't started yet. 

2021-03-26 07:45 IST: rollout for 7-series EU finally started, and we've already added links in the app so you can update ASAP.

The OnePlus 7-series got OxygenOS 11 in the form of an Open Beta back in January 2021, and in our OxygenOS 11 timeline article we predicted they would get OxygenOS 11 stable in "the coming weeks", but now that has been a few months instead. Sure enough, was finally available on the stable track, but that build had quite a few bugs and overall was a terrible update (I would know, I have a 7 Pro myself). Almost as if OnePlus doesn't really do any QA testing anymore. 3 full weeks later, OnePlus finally starting rolling out the hotfix build, and it claims to have resolved "some unforeseen bugs" compared to the first OOS11 build.

Turns out even the "hotfix" was buggy, and OnePlus acknowledged this. Now the update is here, and both global and EU regions have received it.


  • System
    • Improved the system fluency
    • Fixed the occasional issue that Google Fi SIM card cannot accept incoming calls
    • Updated Android security patch to 2021.05
  • Shelf
    • Improved the swiping experience of Shelf
  • Gallery
    • Improved the loading speed of previewing pictures
  • Phone
    • Fixed the occasional issue that incoming call interface delays to display
    • Fixed the occasionally abnormal display issue when making a call
  • Camera
    • Fixed the occasional issue that the mirror effect fails to work
    • Fixed the abnormal issue with the camera when zooming in macro mode
    • Fixed the abnormal issue with some buttons when taking pictures continuously in Nightscape mode
  • Network
    • Improved 4G network communication
    • Improved the stability of Wi-Fi connection

It's immensely disappointing that OnePlus keeps pushing updates without any form of testing — was clearly rushed through the pipeline given how many bugs it had, and even the "hotfix" wasn't as polished as a hotfix should have been.

We can only hope that this update is better (it does have a lot of "fixed" and "improved" items in the changelog above). Once you install this update, let us know (preferably on our Discord server) if this really fixes/improves all your issues with OxygenOS 11.

Where can I install stable OxygenOS 11?

If you're currently on the stable track, you should have already received a notification from the app about update. If you're currently on Open Beta, you can switch back to the stable track if you wish, within the app itself: close this article (go back to the main screen of the app), select the "Full update" method, and enable advanced mode as well (in the app's settings). Note that moving from beta -> stable usually requires a data wipe, so take a backup just to be safe. The "Local upgrade" screen will warn you if data will be wiped anyway.

However, you don't need to switch necessarily. Beta and stable are separate tracks, and they both receive updates separately (meaning if you stay on the beta track, you'll still receive future Open Beta updates). That said, beta usually ends much before stable (which ends only when the device is marked as EOL: End-of-Life i.e. in 2022), but OnePlus provides a path to update to the latest stable (at the time) whenever beta ends. So, you can stay on the beta track if you wish.

Can I revert to the stable version of OxygenOS 10?

Yes. Normally we provide rollback instructions within the article itself, but this time we ask that you get in touch with OnePlus Support and ask them for rollback links. If they don't help you, then email us at [email protected] if you still wish to rollback. This is because rolling back completely wipes data, and in the past we've seen people mistakenly download rollback ZIPs from the article instead of OxygenOS 11 ZIPs from the main screen of the app (maybe they didn't read the article carefully, despite clear warnings). To further protect against possible mistakes on your side, we'll provide instructions on how to rollback over email only (but contact OnePlus Support first, this is neither our responsibility nor our job).

If you have any questions or concerns, you can either join our Discord server, or email us at [email protected].