OnePlus Nord CE 2 wallpapers are now available

You can download the uncompressed wallpapers via Google Drive and MEGA

The OnePlus Nord CE 2 is the latest midrange device OnePlus has released. It is available in Bahama Blue and Gray Mirror colours, and has been up for grabs in India since February 22nd, 2022, and in Europe since March 10th, 2022. While it is not yet supported in our app, we hope to add support as soon as possible, but we will need your help for that. More specifically, as none of the team members owns a unit, we are unable to check whether it is possible to install updates by yourself via stock recovery. Further, we need to confirm few software properties, and for this we would need a getprop output from your device — please contact us via email at [email protected] or via Discord if you need help on how to do so.

Thanks to XDA Recognized Developer deadman96385, we have been able to obtain the device firmware for IV2201_11_A.09 and IV2201_11_A.10 builds. After decompiling them, we noticed that unlike the original Nord CE it does not feature specific live wallpapers, but only two statics, which we have reproduced below. You can download them at their original quality on MEGA and on Google Drive, should you wish to apply them on your device.


OnePlus holds the copyright to these wallpapers. They should not be used for commercial purposes.